Our specialists are in the news again

8th August 2018

Our specialists are in the news again

The Express and Men’s Health magazine have recently published articles about mouth cancer… and both publications sought advice from our specialist surgeons Alastair Fry and Luke Cascarini.

In The Express article “Mouth cancer symptoms: Lumps in the mouth could be a warning sign“, Alastair highlights two of the common symptoms: lumps in the mouth and neck.

Also, Luke points out that while smoking and alcohol are the two biggest risk factors, even something as innocuous as a dental infection could become an issue.

Meanwhile, Men’s Health magazine recently published an article entitled “6 signs you might have mouth cancer“, in which they state that mouth cancers are now the sixth most common type of cancer in the world.

It’s not all bad news, though: as Alastair stresses in the article itself, early detection is vital to successful mouth cancer treatment.

We recommend reading those articles in their entirety, as they are full of useful information. Your future self will thank you.