Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Harnessing the latest advances in robotics for precision surgical treatments.

Harnessing the latest advances in robotics for precision surgical treatments.

Surgery doesn't need to be life-changing

It used to be that cancers of hard-to-reach areas – particularly the back of the mouth and throat – could only be treated by high-dose radiation and chemotherapy. They were just too hard to reach with conventional surgery. The resulting side-effects could be severe, life-changing and disfiguring.

But this is the 21st century, where technology gives you new and better options. Especially when it’s in our hands.

Using the very latest advances in robotics, our surgeons can now expertly treat cancers that were previously beyond the reach of conventional surgery.

Expertise that places us at the head of the field

Using the Da Vinci surgical system for transoral robotic surgery (TORS), our surgeons can access awkwardly situated cancers with a minimally invasive approach via the mouth, rather than performing conventional open surgery.

Luke Cascarini was one of the first head and neck surgeons in the UK to be trained in this system.

So if you’ve received a diagnosis which you thought would involve drastic treatment, talk to us – it may be less life-changing than you think.

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